Quartz surfaces specialist Caesarstone extends its Concetto semi-precious stone surfaces collection with the launch of Aragonite surfaces.  

Named after the Spanish municipal of Molina de Aragon, Aragonite occurs naturally in some of the most stunning places on earth such as the caves of Morocco where natural Aragonite crystal clusters are simply known as ‘cave flowers’.  

Aragonite stone surfaces are the latest addition to Caesarstone’s Concetto collection of extraordinary surfaces handmade from individually cut and bound semi-precious stones.

The unique stone surfaces are made from semi-precious stones sourced from all over the world, radiating the highly vivid colours and breath-taking patterns of these natural materials. Each stone surface is completely unique with its own intrinsic shadings and patterns, with nature and technology combining to being the beauty of the semi-precious stones to the surface. 

Caesarstone’s Concetto collection of semi precious stone surfaces are ideal for a wide variety of applications including kitchen bench tops, splashbacks, bathroom surfaces, furniture pieces and feature walls.