SoftPlan Systems, Inc and CadBuild are pleased to announce its newest release, SoftPlan Version 12, is now available for purchase. This power-packed version redefines SoftPlan like no other upgrade before it, while still maintaining the usability and versatility SoftPlan users have relied upon for the last 18 years. Altogether, Version 12 radically stretches the boundaries of any conventional CAD package to this day.

“SoftPlan has always been a leading provider of residential design tools, because the program ‘works’ in the language that builders, renovators, and residential designers understand, instead of the archaic terminology of the typical ‘CAD’ application,” says Joe Stoddard, a nationally known technology consultant and expert on CAD-estimating integration; “but if you thought SoftPlan was good before, wait until you see Version 12.” Stoddard is referring to the many powerful new features that have been added to SoftPlan Version 12. Top new features include the ability to automatically dimension a floor plan; automatically add a floor system, ceiling system, or slab; import and export to DWG; and walkthrough a 3D model.

Though many new features have been added, SoftPlan Version 12 maintains the basic idea that has always stood behind SoftPlan Architectural Design Software, easier drawing through object orientation. Because SoftPlan is an object oriented design program, users of this software are only responsible for designing floor plans. Once the initial floor plan designs have been completed, SoftPlan uses powerful automation to create elevations, cross sections, roof framing, wall framing, 3D renderings, material lists and much more! In addition to this, SoftPlan leaves no facet of a drawing uninspected, and ultimately knows which items are connected to and affected by one another. By intelligently thinking for the user, SoftPlan will eliminate much tedious and time-consuming work.

“This is a winning package for anyone doing residential design or design/build,” says Stoddard. Whether you are an architect who wants to quickly create customize drawings, a builder who needs to be able to instantly create variations of the same floor plan, or a renovator who needs to promptly respond to clientele needs, SoftPlan will increase your productivity without interrupting your current workload. As always, SoftPlan stands behind all of its products with a 30-day money back guarantee and free technical support for all its users.