CAD Conversion Specialists converts Microstation to AutoCAD in whatever version is required i.e. AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD 2006, Microstation 7, Microstation 8, etc.

When CAD Conversion Specialists does a Microstation to AutoCAD conversion, the result is as if you had redrawn your drawing by hand. Lines are lines, arcs are arcs, circles are circles, and text is text. By default they will use 3-5 layers on most drawings. For example, text will be on a layer called text and it will be cyan, etc.

In addition, on all Microstation to AutoCAD projects, CAD Conversion Specialists can use your own custom Microstation or AutoCAD defaults. Simply send a sample default drawing and/or your drawing specifications and they can reproduce your work exactly with 100% accuracy.

Microstation to AutoCAD work is delivered in *.dwg (AutoCAD), *.dgn (MicroStation). Depending upon the CAD system, there should be no importing required. All work can be received on CD, email, or via their secure FTP server.

The conversion from Microstation to AutoCAD is very cost effective and enables architects and draftsmen not using AutoCAD to convert the clients’ drawings and then make their changes.