CAD Conversion Specialists File Conversion services is a unique and very cost-effective online conversion facility to let PC (Windows) users convert their document, spreadsheet, graphics or data base files between different software formats, including converting from older (Dos-based) word processors and spreadsheets to something modern such as:

MS Word

MS Excel




GIF etc

CCS can convert graphics files to any of the following formats:

Adobe Illustrator (.AI)

Adobe PDF - Portable Document Format (.PDF)

Adobe PhotoShop (.PSD)

Amiga (.IFF)

AutoDesk Drawing (.DWG)

AutoDesk Interchange (.DXF)

CALS compressed bitmap (.CAL)

Compuserve Graphics Interchange (.GIF)

Compuserve RLE (.RLE)

Computer Graphics Metafile (.CGM)

Corel ClipArt (.CMX)

Corel Pattern file (.PAT)

Corel PhotoPaint (.CPT)

Corel Presentations (.SHW)

Corel R.A.V.E. (.CLX)

CorelDraw Drawing (.CDR)

CorelDraw Template (.CDT)

Deluxe Paint (.LBM)

Device-independent Bitmap (.DIB)

Dr. Halo (.CUT)

Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS, .PS)

Enhanced Metafile (.EMF)

FlashPix (.FPX)

Frame Vector Metafile (.FMV)

GEM Drawing (.GEM)

GEM Paint (.IMG)

Gimp Image (.XCF)

Graphics Interchange File (.GIF)

HPGL - Hewlett Packard Graphics Language (.HGL, .HPG, .PGL)

Illustrator - Adobe (.AI)


JPEG 2000 (.JP2)

Kodak Digital Camera (.KDC)

Kodak FlashPix (.FPX)

Kodak Photo CD (.PCD)

Lotus Picture (.PIC)

Macintosh PICT (.PCT)

MacPaint (.MAC)

Macromedia Freehand (.FH)

MET metafile (.MET)

MicroGrafx Draw (.DRW)

Microsoft Paint (.MSP)

Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPT)

NAP metafile (.NAP)

OS/2 Bitmap (.BMP)

OS/2 Device-independent Bitmap (.DIB)

Paintbrush (.PCX)

PaintShop Pro (.PSP, .JSL, .PFR, .TUB)

PC Paint (.PIC)

PDF - Portable Document Format (.PDF)

Photo CD (.PCD)

PhotoShop (.PSD)

Picture Publisher (.PPF, .PP4, .PP5)

Portable Bitmap (.PBM)

Portable Greymap (.PGM)

Portable Network Graphics (.PNG)

Portable Pixelmap (.PPM)

PostScript (.PS, .EPS)

PowerPoint (.PPT)

Printer Graphics Language (.PGL)

Raw File Format (.RAW)

Scalable Graphics Format (.SVG)

SciTex Continuous Tone (.SCT, .CT)

SGI Image file (.SGI, .RGB, .RGBA, .BW)

Sun Raster Image (.RAS)

Tagged Image File Format (.TIF, .TIFF)

Targa Bitmap (.TGA)

Truevision Targa (.TGA)

Ventura Drawing (.GEM)

Visio Drawing (.VSD)

Wavelet compressed bitmap (.WI)

Windows Bitmap (.BMP)

Windows Clipboard (.CLP)

Windows Cursor (.CUR)

Windows Device-independent Bitmap (.DIB)

Windows Enhanced Metafile (.EMF)

Windows Icon (.ICO)

Windows Metafile (.WMF)

Windows RLE (.RLE)

WordPerfect Graphic (.WPG)

XPIX Map Image (.XPM)

Zsoft Paintbrush (.PCX)

No need to subscribe or buy any software. You only pay as you go for the files that you convert. Our File conversion service is especially useful for occasionally converting a few files. It is very quick and we can do any size project.