Aperture Cards is a standard Hollered encoded IBM-style punch card that acts as a transport for a 35mm transparency.

Typically, aperture cards are used to store blueprints and engineering drawings. Aperture cards are a specialised use of punch cards for storing ‘blueprints’. A drawing is photographed onto 35mm film and the image is mounted in a window on the right half of the punch card. Information about the drawing, eg. the drawing number, is punched in the left half.

Many government agencies, mines and archivists of plans and schematics still have these types of storage media that need to be updated, modified, or stored digitally for easy transportation and manipulation.

CCS has a lot of experience in converting aperture cards to digital files with a high quality of detail that is then reflective in the conversion of the raster scan of the aperture card to a vector format. We have the ability to do large amounts of scans with short turnaround and any security level required,” CSS technical services manager David Powis says.