C.R. Laurence began business over 48 years ago as a distributor, working out of Los Angeles, supplying glazier's hardware and industrial supplies. Now it has over 50,000 products in stock which it supplies to the architectural, automotive, construction, glazing, industrial and railing industries in Australia, Europe and North America.

C.R. Laurence are also involved in the design, engineering and manufacturing of a large range of architectural hardware, hardware for glass commercial building entrances, transaction hardware, frameless shower door hardware, post systems and automotive window products.

C.R. Laurence Australia recently introduced a range of post systems suitable for use in counter partitions, salad bars, sneeze guards and glass barriers. They have also developed a selection of practical design solutions for sneeze guards. This led to them now manufacturing the various components needed to produce over 200 different designs of sneeze guard. The designs range from modern to tasteful, from simple angled fronts with different pitches, to wall mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing units.

C.R. Laurence Australia stocks the following range of hardware in its post systems and sneeze guard systems range:

  • Aluminium counter posts
  • Aluminium partition posts and accessories
  • Aluminium sneeze guards 
  • Base plates
  • Bulk parts to make aluminium counter posts
  • Connector sleeves for round tubing
  • Counter partitions
  • End caps
  • Fittings
  • Glass stops
  • 'Make your own' partition post systems
  • Partition posts with shelf brackets
  • Round partition posts
  • Round sneeze guards
  • Sneeze guards for food service
  • Square partition posts
  • Stainless steel partition posts
  • Vinyl glass retainer strips
  • Welded post railing systems

These sneeze guard and post systems products come in a range of different colours. These include sky white gloss, beige grey gloss, oyster white gloss, agate grey gloss, forest green gloss, polished brass, bronze matte, black matte, brushed stainless and polished stainless.