C.R. Laurence Company (CRL) announces the release of the new CRL93A ‘Big Red’ Architectural Hardware Master Catalogue.

Featuring their architectural glazing systems portfolio, the new 900-plus page sourcebook spans residential and commercial project types, interior and exterior applications, and numerous CSI divisions. The full-colour, hardbound master catalogue offers the most comprehensive selection of architectural products and services in the industry.

The new CRL93A ‘Big Red’ Architectural Hardware Master Catalogue features frameless shower door hardware; architectural and commercial hardware; architectural railings and metals; U.S. Aluminum entrances, storefronts, curtain walls, and windows; and interior office partitions.

The CRL93A complements the CRL93G Glass and Glazing Catalogue launched late last year featuring key glass and glazing products, tools, and supplies that directly benefit glazing contractors.

Based on the same concept as the company's original CRL93 ‘Big Red’ Catalogue issued 25 years ago, the all-new and expanded anniversary edition functions as a standard tool and field guide for the industry. Strategically designed to align with CRL's website, the catalogue provides streamlined access to additional product information, options, sizes, configurations, installation instructions, testing reports, drawings, specifications, literature, finishes, photos, related products and technical support.

C.R. Laurence President Lloyd Talbert explains that the CRL93A Architectural Hardware Catalogue fully realises the company’s vision of integrating their core CRL and U.S. Aluminum brands in a way that highlights the range and depth of their product lines as well as their ability to develop single source solutions that align with the needs of project stakeholders.

He adds that the original ‘Big Red’ has served the industry for the last 25 years; with the latest developments, features, and expansion, the new CRL93 is expected to serve the industry as a complete, convenient resource for generations of glaziers, contractors, and architects to come.

The new CRL93A ‘Big Red’ Architectural Hardware Master Catalogue can be viewed, downloaded or printed from the company’s website.