Burnside Plastics , located in Australia, distributes a wide range of polycarbonate and PVC glazing and roofing units. The product range includes Palsun, durashied, designer light, controlite, suntuf, danpalon, light and space solar space, loggia, controlite and designer light.

Burnside Plastics has offices and distributors in all the capital cities of Australia and the network covers the whole of Australia and New Zealand. The Suntuf brand roofing is available in two styles and they are standard and solar smart.

Suntuf standard polycarbonate sheeting provided by Burnside Plastics is widely used in Australian homes while it is also used for industrial applications. It offers strength, greater flexibility and appeal.

Suntuf solar smart provided by Burnside Plastics lets in the sunlight and controls heat. Plants grow under this sheet roofing during summer. Suntuf solar smart comes in a variety of colours. It is used as a barrier to UV ray penetration.

Suntuff solar smart provided by Burnside Plastics is strong and flexible. It is extruded from high quality polymers. The lightweight sheets are suitable for roofing and wall cladding because it is unbreakable. It complies with the Australian standards of quality.