Burnside Plastics distributes suntuf plus for greenhouse cover. Suntuf plus is specially created for the greenhouse. It comes with built-in condensation control which prevents water dripping onto sensitive plants.

Suntuf Plus distributed by Burnside Plastics has good condensation control which allows thirty per cent more light transmission during condensation periods and prevents disease due to condensation drip.

It allows maximum energy conservation. Suntuf Plus corrugated sheets let in maximum light for plants. Suntuf Plus is 200 times stronger than glass and can withstand snow loads, hail and wind. Plant growers are satisfied with this product since it is durable and in the long run the light transmission decreasing level is a bare minimum of five percent.

Suntuf Plus brand polycarbonate sheets provided by Burnside Plastics allow hundred per cent protection from UV radiation. It blocks ultraviolet rays that are harmful to plants, flowers and humans. It is easy to install and requires no maintenance once installed. It can be fitted on any greenhouse frame previously used, hence, it is cost effective also.