Suntuf has released the next generation of heat reflective, transparent roofing. Solarsmart polycarbonate roof sheeting keeps rising temperatures from being a nuisance as you enjoy outdoor entertaining. Thousands of families have benefited from Suntuf roof sheeting's sun control capability and now consumers can get an eyeful of sky too with the transparency of Suntuf Solarsmart.

The Solarsmart grey roof sheeting is transparent so you can also look up and see the sky. “This has never before been possible with heat reflective sheets,” says Phil Harrison, director of Suntuf distributor, Burnside Plastics .

Solarsmart roofing reflects more heat across the entire ultra-violet light spectrum, not just the portion that provides visible light. According to Harrison, it can also reflect the “near infra-red” sun radiation that is invisible to our eyes but contains large amounts of heat we feel on our skin.

The new Solarsmart roofing technology is available in corrugated and greca profiles, up to 7.2 metres long. It surpasses the pioneering, heat reflective, polycarbonate roof sheeting released about a decade ago known as Suntuf Solar Control.