The Building Commission has recently published a guide to provide information for people rebuilding their communities in the wake of the Victorian bushfires. The publication, Guide to Building in Victoria after the Bushfires, adheres to the newly established Australian Building Standard for Design and Construction of Buildings in Bushfire-prone Areas. The standard applies to all residential buildings in the state of Victoria.  

The guide presents details about the new standard and advises people about how to ensure that their construction work satisfies its requirements. It also provides a checklist to assist with documenting building procedures, and includes an explanation of the bushfire attack levels (BAL), where to find a Registered Building Practitioner, local Council contacts, temporary dwellings and the role of building and planning permits.  

The Guide to Building in Victoria after the Bushfires was designed to offer ‘certainty’ to those rebuilding in affected areas. Commissioner of the Building and Plumbing Industry, Tony Arnel, said that the guide provides a clear outline of the new building standard and will enable people to construct new buildings safely.  

“The guide clearly explains the changes to be made and will provide certainty about the regulations required to rebuild, particularly for those people who have been affected by the February bushfires.”

All councils in areas affected by the bushfires will be sent a copy of the publication. It can also be downloaded from the Building Commission website.