The recently completed Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands Discovery Centre was clad in durable, eye-catching Plaspanel ® material on the building's underside, providing not only a decorative statement, but protection from surrounding wetlands.

The waterproof properties of Plaspanel® make it ideal for use in moist environments.

"You can put Plaspanel® in direct contact with the ground and it won’t rot and it won’t swell like other flat sheet products," said Builda Panels Manager, Gordon Long.

"We supplied 6mm fire-retardant orange Plaspanel® for this project – which can be ordered by request."

The Edithvale-Seaford discovery centre was built to meet strict environmental and sustainability standards. The centre is internationally recognised as an important habitat for a variety of migrating birds and other wildlife. Specifying products like Plaspanel® certainly meet these standards as Plaspanel® is made from recycled materials and are recyclable. The flat panels are coloured all the way through so requires no painting, plus it’s rustproof and chemical, bacteria and mould resistant.

Key features of the Plaspanel® flat panels include:
  • manufactured from recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • recyclable product, further reducing waste going to landfill
  • can be cut, routed, drilled, welded and mechanically fixed with standard tools
  • 2440mm x 1220mm dimensions
  • 900 to 32mm thickness range
The lightweight flat panels can be easily fitted using a top-hat fixing with expansion joints between panels providing a contemporary, graphic appearance.