Brukon Brush Containers  paint brush cleaning system enhances life span of paint brushes and makes cleaning of paint brushes easy. As Brukon Brush Containers can be snapped and assembled together, it aids in easy storage and transportation.

Brukon Brush Containers is designed with a drip guard cap which makes the brush holder suitable and comfortable for overhead jobs. The brush holders from Brukon Brush Containers are cost effective and reduce cleaning time. Brukon Brush Containers saves the usage of spirits, turps and water while cleaning the brushes and aids in removing paint sludges easily. The paint brush cleaning system from Brukon Brush Containers is very narrow and hence single cup of turp lasts for weeks when used on a regular basis. Brukon paint brush Container minimises the evaporation of solvents and reduces the smell of turps while traveling. Brukon Brush Containers prevents bending of bristles and saves paint brushes from getting ruined. The Brukon 6-pack containers can be used individually or as a complete unit. Since there are separate brush containers in Brukon 6-pack, mixing of acrylic and enamel can be avoided. The brush cleaning system from Brukon Brush Containers is recyclable and hence the containers are eco-friendly.