The Brukon 6-pack brush container has many advantages for the tradesman and home handyman alike.

You start by saving turps. Each container is the ideal, narrow shape and one cup of turps will last for weeks with continuous use.

The brushes are kept out of the sludge, preventing bent bristles and ruined brushes.

Each brush is stored separately, so acrylic and enamel do not mix. The brushes are cleaned as you drive home (bumpy roads do all the work), and they are neatly sealed upright in your Brukon 6-pack. So there is little smell of turps in your vehicle, and damage to the environment is minimised, as less solvent evaporates, and there is less wasted turps.

The Brukon 6-pack can be used as a complete unit, or snap the containers apart to use each one individually.

The Brukon 6-pack is designed and made in Australia. Brukon 6-pack saves brushes, saves turps, saves time, saves money, saves mess and saves the environment.

The Brukon 6-pack brush container is available from Brukon Brush Containers.