Britton Timbers met the timber requirements for a new art space created by the Maroondah City Council as part of a new centre developed for the community and visitors to engage with the council.

Designed to deliver a truly innovative customer service experience and inspire lifelong learning, the Realm Centre for Regional Knowledge and Innovation includes a 1000sqm library, contemporary art space and co-working space.

The creative brief sought a specific aesthetic that called for natural light-coloured timbers for the staircase designed as the centre-piece of Realm, as well as the art gallery floor, which needed to be a blank canvas to complement the exhibited artworks without visually overwhelming them.

Since the stairs and art gallery space were highly visible areas and expected to draw heavy traffic, the flooring needed to be both beautiful and hardwearing. The Council also requested a southern Australian species timber for the application.

Darren Carrolan, Managing Director of Architectural Floors in Melbourne, was engaged to specify and install the timber. He discussed the best timber options for the application with Anthony Smith at Britton Timbers and decided to specify pale timbers from the Gippsland Mill, predominantly Chestnut and Stringybark. Being a pale southern Australian species, and super hardwearing, the timbers fit the criteria.

Commenting that Anthony Smith was always the first person he called for timber, he commended the Britton Timbers representative for providing excellent service as well as high quality, top end timber that didn’t give problems on the job. He added that projects, especially those in public spaces required timber that would perform for the long term and he trusted Anthony to deliver that every time.