Britex  supplies a market-leading range of WaterMark and WELS certified stainless steel urinals in Australia.  

The WaterMark and WELS certifications establish the quality and water-saving design of the stainless steel urinals.  

Britex stainless steel urinals are available in various models including hinged grated urinals, wall mounted urinals for stalls and water free urinals. These urinals are all compatible with Britex’s water conserving automatic flushing sensor systems.  

Managing Director of Britex, Cam Risstrom says that the WaterMark certification for stainless steel urinals is important from a technical standard and quality assurance perspective.  

The WaterMark certification for stainless steel urinals is obtained by meeting a thorough and comprehensive list of criteria, providing specifiers a high assurance of product quality, compliance with Australian Standards and compatibility with other plumbing fixtures.  

The WELS certification is given based on the water usage of stainless steel urinals, and enables Britex urinals to achieve industry leading water conservation ratings.  

Given the current influx of imported stainless steel products in the Australian market with no assurance of quality or design compliance, the WaterMark certification is an important safeguard for specifiers when selecting stainless steel urinals.  

Key features of the Britex stainless steel urinals:  

  • WaterMark certification guarantees quality and conformance with Australian Standards
  • WELS certification measures and promotes water usage levels of urinals
  • Hinged grated urinals, wall mounted stalls and water-free urinal models
  • Australian made and manufactured to custom lengths
  • Compatible with Britex water conserving automatic flushing sensor systems