WELS approved and manufactured by Britex, the stainless steel hinged grate design of the Sanistep stainless steel urinal has proven to be a hygienic and resilient model. Sanistep stainless steel urinal was specified as the stainless steel urinal for the MCG, Docklands Stadium and countless other high traffic washrooms.

When paired with the Saniflush or new ultra water-efficient Smart Flush, the Sanistep stainless steel urinal is the perfect choice for public washrooms that require a high degree of hygiene, vandal resistance and water conservation.

Features of the Britex Sanistep stainless steel urinal:

  • Hinged floor grate to allow for ease of cleaning and optimum hygiene
  • WELS Approved – All urinals must now be WELS registered.
  • Weir-type sparge to ensure efficient and effective flushing
  • L and U shaped configurations welded on site if required
  • Manufactured to custom lengths
  • Step Up (floor mounted) and Recessed models
  • Ideal for pairing with vandal resistant, water conserving sensor system