The disabled and ambulant stainless steel toilets from Britex are designed to meet the new Australian Building Code requirements for Access and Mobility.
Britex’s high quality disabled and ambulant toilet pans conform to the size and profile requirements of the most recent amendments to the Australian Building Code for Access and Mobility, AS1428:2009. A unique ‘safety radius’ has also been added to all toilet pans including disabled and ambulant models to eliminate injury to the user from any sharp edges in the event of a fall.
Britex disabled and ambulant toilets are manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel to withstand the rigours of installation in public amenities. An anti-vandal toilet seat can be fitted to the toilet prior to delivery if required. Britex’s disabled toilets also feature a unique blockage-resistant trap that is particularly ideal for public amenities and healthcare projects.
Additional options for Britex disabled and ambulant toilets include a stainless steel backrest, grab rails, a dual flush in-wall cistern and a speciality coating to protect stainless steel fixtures installed in marine environments.