Britex presents a custom refrigerated solution for meat display in the retail market that extends the fresh appearance of meat products and also minimises cleaning by allowing longer storage.

Consumer studies indicate that buyers are more likely to pick bright red coloured meat from refrigerated display cabinets as they directly associate this colour with freshness and quality. The appearance of a retail cut in a refrigerated meat display cabinet is, therefore, the primary consideration in determining selection of meat products. Temperature is one of the most important factors affecting the colour and shelf life of meat.

In addition to ensuring hygienic handling and a clean storage environment, meat retailers need to keep the refrigerated display cabinet temperature at 0-5°C to extend the shelf life of the meat products on display. Storage at this consistent low temperature will keep meat looking bright red for longer.

Britex’s custom-manufactured meat display plates not only maintain optimal cooling temperatures but also utilise cross fin, static cooling technology that keeps meat in refrigerated displays more hydrated than fan-forced cooling systems more commonly found in imported modular cabinets. This meat hydration assists in prolonging the bright red appearance of the cuts in display cabinets.

By allowing meat to be stored longer, Britex’s cooling system also eliminates the need to load the refrigerated display cabinet every morning and clean it every night. Retail store owners can save time and money, and have their happy customers return more often, thanks to the assurance of fresh meat products.

Britex can design and build a refrigerated meat display plate to your exact shop requirements, ensuring the final product you receive keeps your product looking better for longer.

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