With more than 1000 units now sold throughout Australia, Britex Arid waterless urinals continue to be a popular choice for many Australian specifiers. The key to the success of the Arid waterless urinal is in its simplicity.

Unlike other waterless urinals that require periodic maintenance and the replacement of cartridges or sealant fluids, Arid waterless urinals simply use a unique ‘one-way’ silicone valve. Once the urine has flowed through the one-way valve, the valve closes and traps any odour within the plumbing. Britex recommends the only maintenance required is the occasional spray of fresh water or disinfectant over the urinal surface, just like any other bathroom sanitary fixture.

Britex Arid waterless urinals have been extensively tested and approved by Australian Standards for WaterMark as both a waterless urinal (Arid) and self-cleaning urinal (Arid Auto-Mist).