Brite Decking, a subsidiary of Brite Manufacturing Inc., is engaged in supply of quality decking products and accessories. The parent company of Brite Decking is one of the few manufacturers of plastic and pressure treated cedar products. The products supplied by Brite Decking are meticulously packed and labeled to ensure that they reach the customers in a preserved condition, maintaining the original product quality.

Brite Decking specialises in supplying composite decks. Brite Decking recommends that its decks be periodically inspected and washed with cold water. This will help to preserve the product for a longer period of time. For decks that have been installed in places prone to snow and ice accumulation, Brite Decking recommends that the product be shoveled in the direction in which the brushing pattern runs.

For spot and grease stains, tannin stains, mildew and dirt stains, periodic cleaning of the deck with a standard deck cleaning product is recommended by Brite Decking. However, Brite Decking does not recommend the use of paint or staining products in cleaning the decks, as this will not only void the manufacturer’s warranty, but also cause wear or blister on the deck.