Leading Australian roof tile manufacturer Bristile Roofing introduces a new range of terracotta roof tiles designed to replicate the profile of traditional slate tiles.

Offering an affordable alternative for those desiring a shingle roof, the new Visum3 roof tile is exclusive to Bristile’s premium, European-style terracotta roof tile collection - La Escandella Ceramica. 

Available in five stunning monotone and duotone colour options, the Visum3 range features a low profile design with a slim 9mm nose to achieve ultra-flat laying for the ultimate shingle and slate appearance. An innovative triple cambered design gives each tile the appearance of three traditional plain tiles laid side-by-side, enabling designers, architects and homeowners to easily achieve a slate finish and feel on any project. Visum3’s broad colour palette allows for an extensive range of applications in both traditional heritage settings and modern architectural designs.

Industry-leading manufacturing technology also allows each tile to be coloured individually with realistic ‘pitting’ on the tiles surface, capturing the aesthetic quality of a slate veneer.

Bristile Roofing marketing manager Michael Monro explains that slate is considered one of the finest roofing materials available and is a long-time favourite of architecture and building professionals. Appearing on the roofs of many of Australia’s finest civic buildings, churches and federation homes, slate is also an expensive design option, requiring costly multiple layers of slate and lengthy installation time, putting it out of the reach of many homeowners.

Bristile’s Visum3 roof tile uses patented design and innovative manufacturing techniques to capture the beauty and distinct character of slate, but at a portion of its price, making it the perfect alternative for any new build, restoration project or heritage building.

Colour options in the Visum3 range include Slate, a dark grey tone; Truffle, a mid brown; Russet, a vibrant red terracotta with darker shades; Old England, an earthy terracotta with brown tones; and Vermont Grey, a weathered grey shade. 

While replicating the classic beauty of natural slate, Visum3 roof tiles offer a number of advantages over this roofing material including a colour for life warranty, greater durability, lightweight construction, and a revolutionary interlocking design that eases the installation process and ensures excellent water tightness.

Significant energy saving benefits are also achieved thanks to the thermal insulating qualities of terracotta, which manage heat transmission, helping to keep the home cool in summer and warmer in winter. The same mass that contributes to its thermal performance also provides superior sound insulation to reduce unwanted noise from the outside.

Kiln-fired at extremely high temperatures to lock in the colours, Visum3 tiles will never fade, rust or corrode over time like many other roofing materials.

Bristile Roofing is part of the Brickworks Building Products group that also includes famous brands such as Austral Bricks, Auswest Timber, Austral Masonry and Austral Precast.