The Prestige range of roof tiles from Bristile Roofing  is a contemporary tile that achieves a rating 3 in the Ice Ball Resistance test, initially developed to meet Texas Department of Insurance and other state jurisdictional requirements.

The Ice Ball Resistance test, which involves firing 44.5mm ice balls at a speed of 31m/s at roof tiles, has been developed to assess which roofing materials are better suited to hail prone areas to help insurance companies in the United States determine the reduction in premiums that should be given to home owners who use concrete tile roofing.

Results of the Ice Ball Resistance test show that, despite common misconceptions, Prestige roof tiles perform exceptionally well in areas that experience extreme hail, with no sign of damage after the tests were conducted.

The Prestige range of roof tiles are available in a range of alluring colours and create a point of difference from traditional roofing materials. Aside from their eye catching profile, the Prestige range of roof tiles also have low embodied energy, require low maintenance, and excellent sound insulation qualities.