Bristile Roofing (Victoria)  have introduced the Prestige range of roof tiles to compliment their range of terracotta and concrete roof tiles.

The Prestige range of roof tiles provides a new option for creative home builders seeking a defining touch of class to compliment their projects.

The Prestige range of roof tiles is initially being launched in Victoria, South Australia, ACT and New South Wales, with plans to expand distribution to Queensland in the next six months.

The Prestige range has been developed by Bristile Roofing in response to market demand for a contemporary, minimalist roofing product, with the strength and low maintenance properties of traditional concrete and terracotta roof tiles.

The Prestige range achieves these goals with a distinctive profile featuring sharp architectural lines on a flat base.

At present, the Prestige range is available in Carbide (a classic black), featuring colour through, which means the base will be a similar colour to the surface of the tile.

This ensures the longevity of the colour and is particularly important when the tile is cut for valleys, as there will be little to no colour difference showing where cuts are made.