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    Medio Curva Range of European Terracotta Roof Tiles by Bristile Roofing

    La Escandella Ceramica – Medio Curva Range of Terracotta Roof Tiles

    A roof tile used through the ages, reintroduced in colours designed for the new world.

    Traditionally, this two piece tile, also referred to as ‘Mission Barrel’, was the most frequently used roof tile in Europe and in Spanish colonial buildings in the new world. Today the Medio Curva tile is used in the construction of new homes, due to the beauty and wide variety of colours available, or on existing projects to restore historic roofs to their former beauty.

    The Medio Curva range offers the following benefits


    The Medio Curva tile is made from kiln fired clay, a natural material that has been used in roof construction for thousands of years. Medio Curva’s durable clay material and colourfast finish ensures the tiles will not only look good but will protect your home for generations to come.

    Colour Fast

    Because they’re made from clay that has been kiln fired at extreme temperatures, colours will not change significantly over the life of the product.


    Due to their high mass, Medio Curva tiles are great at insulating buildings from exterior noise such as heavy rain, hail, traffic and aircraft.


    The Medio Curva range creates a distinctive European look that suits high end residential construction. A two piece tile which is installed with one tile fitted under and the next over, this tile has been used in building construction since antiquity. The colours and finishes available allow architects and building designers to create the appearance of a pre-weathered roof on new projects and achieve a distinctive European style.

    Applications for Medio Curva European Terracotta Roof Tiles

    Medio Curva tiles can be fitted to roofs that are constructed at 10° pitches because they are installed on top of a fibre cement sheet corrugated to the shape of the tile. This effectively makes the tile itself an aesthetic finish and the fibre cement sheet the roof sealing component.

    Unlike most roof tiles, Medio Curva tiles are ideal for domed roofs. Generally the roof itself is sealed with a concrete dome to which the tiles are attached.

    Depending on the application Medio Curva tiles are fixed with a specially made adhesive, nails/screws, or tile clips.

    Bristile Roofing recommends that designers using this product make contact with a Bristile representative in the design phase to ensure we can provide accurate and comprehensive information about fixing for this range.

    Medio Curva Roof Tile Colours and Finishes

    Medio Curva tiles are produced using fine clays that result in an unmistakable smooth finish. The Medio Curva European terracotta roof tile is available in a range of monotone, duotone, blended and aged colour finishes, offering a selection of versatile colours and finishes for creative home builders.

    Monotone tiles have one consistent colour across the body creating a clean, contemporary finish that works seamlessly with traditional and modern house designs.

    The duotone finish is achieved through use of a colour overspray applied to either a red or white clay tile base.

    Pre mixed blended colours create a unique roof reminiscent of those seen in Tuscany, Italy and other parts of Europe where these tiles have been popular for centuries. These blends combine three to five different tiles which are merged beautifully across the roof.

    The aged finish creates the appearance of a weathered roof using a new roof tile. Available on a red or white clay base, these tiles have enjoyed continued popularity due to the distinctive roof line they create.

    With the range of colours and finishes available this range is extremely versatile.

    Please see the Bristile Roofing website and brochures for a full list of current Medio Curva terracotta roof tile colours. Images of the product in application are available under the Photo Gallery at the La Escandella Ceramica website.

    Specifications of Medio Curva European Terracotta Roof Tiles

    The Medio Curva tile measures 500mm long x 215mm wide.

    Please see the Bristile Roofing website, technical manual, and data sheets for more information.

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