Now available from Bristile Roofing , the Edmonds roof ventilators have been designed to reduce the temperature in roof spaces by allowing hot air to be vented to the outside.

Insulation does a great job of slowing the transfer of heat between the roof space and the living space in any home. But on hot days, heat can still build up over time, reaching over 70ºC.  Edmonds roof ventilators reduce the roof-space heat build-up by expelling hot air which enables it to be replaced with ambient temperature air from outside. This allows insulation system to work far more effectively.

Benefits of the Edmonds roof ventilators include:

  • Expel hot air from your roof space in summer
  • Exhaust damp air in winter
  • Reduce air conditioning load
  • Help reduce energy costs
  • An inexpensive way to improve the comfort level of any home.