8STAR Houses are designed to take advantage of natural airflow, lighting and heating to provide comfortable and energy efficient living in any street, all year round.

The Bristile Roofing  range of building insulation products contributes to create 8STAR homes that allow occupants to live comfortably and sustainably.  

Exterior brick walls enhance energy efficiency and stabilise room temperatures by storing and releasing energy as needed. 

An iconic feature of an 8STAR house, the internal brick walls not only take centre stage in the look and feel of the interior of the home, they play a key role in absorbing and distributing heat throughout the home.  These essential building insulation products can become the centre of attention of any home. A choice of colour, mortar and profile is available or they can remain understated with natural hues. 

Other important building insulation products used in the 8Star House, the Bristile roof tiles help to manage heat entry into the house and its release at night.   
The alfresco entertainment area and the driveway make use of Austral clay pavers to create hardwearing and easily maintained outdoor spaces.