The new range of clay tiles from Bristile Roofing brings a new level of class to Australian roofing. The La Escandella Collection comprises of six new ranges and five new profile shapes in an array of beautiful, vibrant colours. 

Colours will remain colour-fast for the life of the tile, strength and longevity demonstrated by their use on European marvels prominent since antiquity, and sound insulation that ensures the noises outside stay there.

Six new ways to inspire existing and new roofing projects
The Visum clay roof tiles range creates the appearance of small slate tiles without the same cost or lengthy installation times. 

The contemporary Planum range is a flat tile that Bristile Roofing claims to be the best quality flat clay tile available in the Australian roofing industry. The end finish on the tile is sleek and smooth.

The Curvado clay roof tiles comes in either an Aged Range or a Glazed Range, capturing a look of grandeur with a distinctively European style.Create a distinctive finish, reminiscent of roofs seen on many of Europe’s great architectural wonders with the Curvado tile. Available in two sizes, the Curvado incorporates a modern interlocking design which replicates the traditional pan and cover tile that has been a hallmark of European and Mediterranean architecture for centuries.

Also referred to as ‘Mission Barerl’, the Medio Curva is a roof tile used through the ages, reintroduced in colours designed for the new world. Today, the Medio Curva tile is used in the construction of new homes due to the beauty and wide variety of colours available, or on existing projects to restore historic roofs to their former beauty.