Leading Australian roof tile manufacturer Bristile Roofing introduces the Vienna series to its collection of La Escandella terracotta roof tiles. Bristile Roofing has also launched a host of new season colours within the Planum and Grande ranges.
Commenting on the new Vienna range of terracotta roof tiles, Mr Michael Monro, Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Bristile Roofing says that the tile’s profile delivers a sharp, streamlined look, which suits modern architectural trends and has already drawn an enthusiastic response from the industry. Available in a range of designer colours, the tile can be easily schemed to fit individual tastes and create a point of difference or harmonise with other design elements.
Vienna terracotta roof tiles come in bold pastel colours such as Slate (dark grey tone), Truffle (mid brown), Cocoa (dark chocolate shade), Pepper (off-white, taupe based tone), Caviar (deep black with a semi glazed finish) and Graphite (slate with black glazed overspray). These colours will perfectly complement a wide range of contemporary architectural styles, building materials and environments, while the tile’s modern lines and strong profile will create a sleek and sophisticated roofline.
The Planum range is now available in a selection of contemporary, stylish colours to complement its smooth, refined shape and blend with colour palettes used in modern home design. Joining the existing monotone, duo tone and aged options are four new shades - Oyster, Caviar, Cocoa and Pepper, which will perfectly highlight any residential or commercial development.
New colours in the Grande range including Amber Haze, Burnt Ochre, Slate, Truffle and Graphite have been added to the existing natural terracotta tones to complement the classic elegance and sharp, clean lines of the tile.
Mr Monro adds that the extended colour palette increases design flexibility, allowing many architectural options for the roof while also meeting the preferences of designers, builders and homeowners.

As with all Bristile Roofing roof tiles, the Vienna, Planum and Grande ranges deliver durability, low maintenance and considerable energy saving benefits due to the thermal insulating qualities of terracotta.