Brisbane Bathroom Hire  is a company that specialises in offering portable bathroom units for hire. The mobile bathroom unit is 2260 mm wide, 2650 mm high and 40000 mm long. The portable bathroom unit from Brisbane Bathroom Hire weighs roughly about 700 kilograms and these mobile bathrooms require a power supply of 240 volts.

The mobile bathroom unit requires a generator of 5.5 KVA for remote locations. The mobile washroom unit preferably requires a garden tap which has a thread type connection for water supply. The sullages from the mobile washroom unit are discharged into the client’s sewage system with the aid of 32 mm flexible tube. Brisbane Bathroom Hire supplies all necessary connections and hoses which are required for the portable bathrooms.

Sewage disposable service is carried out by Brisbane Bathroom Hire only when the client’s sewage system is situated within 50m from the portable bathroom unit location. Brisbane Bathroom Hire also offers 1000mm septic tanks for hire for houses that do not have access to a sewage system within 50m of the bathroom unit’s location. Brisbane Bathroom Hire also inspects the ground level of the location where the mobile bathrooms have to be fixed.