Bring your office fitout vision to life successfully with aluminium partitioning systems from Bris Aluminium.

Aluminium partitioning systems from Bris Aluminium are quality assured ISO-9001 certified products. Bris’ Supreme, Econo and Adjustable aluminium partitioning systems are strong, durable and completely demountable, but they’re not the only reasons why you should specify these systems for your fitout projects.

Read on about the 7 benefits of Bris Aluminium’s partitioning systems:

1. High adaptability.

Bris Aluminium’s partitioning systems can be customised to suit different heights and widths required to achieve your fitout specifications. These systems are compatible with various door options, such as Bris’ flagship sliding solution – the cavity door slider, and some can even be adapted to different wall thicknesses.

2. Incorrect specifications? Not an issue.

You can access detailed design drawings for every stocked product on Bris’ website.

3. Products supplied in kit format.

Since Bris Aluminium’s partitioning systems are assembled as kits, there are no hassles about onsite fabrication or searching for suitable components. For your convenience, the systems are packed in the order you need for assembly and come with all the required parts.

4. Finishes to suit your space.

Bris Aluminium’s partitioning systems can be matched to any design vision or style. Finish options for these systems include mill finish, anodised finish or powdercoated – the black powdercoated aluminium option is very popular.

5. Environmentally conscious.

The aluminium components that go into Bris Aluminium’s partitioning systems are sourced from suppliers who use sustainable methods to manufacture them. In addition, some of these partitioning systems are completely demountable, allowing reuse of their components in the future.

6. Easy assembly.

Bris Aluminium’s partitioning systems can be assembled easily with instructional videos provided on their website as well as in the kits. Support is readily available from the company, including at the jobsite for hands-on assistance.

7. Manufactured locally.

All of Bris Aluminium’s partitioning systems are made locally at their two manufacturing facilities in Brisbane. The products can be shipped Australia-wide in an industry-leading turnaround time.