Optimising the use of space is one of the biggest challenges of building design, especially when designing medical centres or healthcare projects.

By using cavity door sliders from Bris Aluminium, the use of space can be maximised in medical centre fitouts without sacrificing functionality or good design.  

The flagship sliding solution at Bris Aluminium, cavity door sliders are highly practical for a number of environments, particularly so in the health sector.  

3 space-saving ideas for medical fitouts

1. Replace consultation room swinging doors with cavity sliders

A cavity slider can be a game changer when you are designing the floorplan but space is at a premium. Cavity door sliders are also a clever idea for increasing the functionality of a consultation room. A typical consultation room contains several bulky items such as dental chairs or examination beds in addition to a full desk or computer set-up, chairs, sinks, and various scanning or medical equipment. A hinged door will only take up additional space in an already constrained area.

Consulting room

2. Create a corner examination space using two cavity sliders together

Two cavity sliders installed to meet at a right angle can create a private space within the consultation room without using solid internal walls, allowing healthcare practitioners to offer patients much-needed privacy.

In the example below, the client was able to house an examination bed and separate sink in the space. The cavity sliders increased the utility of the room without a cramped look. 

Corner exam space using two cavity sliders

3. Convert smaller, more awkward spaces into walk-in medicine cabinets 

Many buildings have awkward nooks that could be challenging to use and end up becoming wasted spaces. A cavity door slider can turn these awkward spaces into practical walk-in medicine cabinets for medical staff, or a dedicated storage cupboard for equipment, supplies and retail items for allied health practitioners. With no bulky hinge door to impede the entranceway, these tight areas can be converted into practical storage spaces. 

Medical cabinet

Cavity door sliders

Cavity door sliders from Bris Aluminium are available in a standard 1m wide carcass, or can be custom-sized to accommodate up to 1.5m wide doors.

Cavity door sliders are available to fit 35mm aluminium doors, 35mm and 40mm timber doors, or glazed windows.

Key features also include:

  • Purpose built for steel stud sizes 64mm, 76mm or 92mm – with 13mm plasterboard 
  • Villaboard compatible with 13mm to 6.5mm adaptors (64mm, 76mm or 92mm Supreme Systems) 
  • Modern, minimalist design  
  • Swiss engineered and built rollers rated to 100kg for a smooth glide 
  • Easy to install and service 
  • Short lead times on kit/product supply

Learn more about Bris Aluminium’s cavity door sliders including off-the-shelf kits ready for easy installation.