The Stackadoor 200 track systems are designed to stack very large and heavy individual doors and panels in industrial, commercial and public buildings, both in interiors and exteriors.  

These track systems are ideally suited to sliding individual doors to dedicated areas, usually on either side of the opening where folding doors would not be suitable.

Panels of up to 200kg in weight can be stacked 90° or parallel to the opening. Each panel is supported by two hangers which can negotiate 45°, 135° and swept 90° switches in custom made stacking bays to suit the application on one or either side of the opening. 

Floor channels are not necessary as each panel is secured into position by flush bolts and locks. To cover any width of opening, any number of doors can be used.

The following are some of the specifications of the Stackadoor 200 track systems:

  • Max panel weight: 200kg
  • Max panel height: 6000mm for timber or metal framed doors
  • Max panel width: 900mm
  • Panel thickness: 35mm for timber doors.
The Stackadoor 200 track systems are available from Brio