Brio has introduced a new range of retractable insect screens designed for retrofit applications.

The new 612 retractable pleated insect screens offer full integration with Brio’s sliding and folding door systems featuring screen openings as large as 3.2m high and 9m wide. These retractable insect screens are ideal for retrofitting into existing window and folding or sliding door systems that have inadequate protection against insects.

Brio’s new 612 retractable insect screens offer a simple yet effective face fix screen solution, elegantly dressed by timber architraves for these retrofits.

Brio assures quality in their products by ensuring their pleated insect screens are assembled in Australia and cycle tested in excess of 150,000 cycles. Brio offers a 5-year warranty for every screen.

Brio’s 612 retractable pleated insect screens are available in black, silver, white and custom colours.