Brintons Carpets won a global competition that challenged participants to create unique carpet designs for hotel rooms of the future.

Organised by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in association with Hotel ICON, Tomorrow’s Guestrooms invited hotel suppliers and providers to compete on design, technology and well-being parameters, and have their products displayed in three of Hotel ICON’s Tomorrow’s Guestrooms.

Using their pioneering in-house High Definition Weave technology, Brintons won the right to carpet all three guestrooms at Hotel ICON. Brintons’ unique technology can weave up to 32 colours in a single Axminster carpet giving customers unrivalled design definition and colour choice.

The first room, themed Technology, will feature a futuristic fingerprint design interspersed with graphic matrix-like coding. The second room, based on Well-Being, has a wonderfully tranquil and peaceful water drop design. The third room focuses on Design, and features a crisp flower in vibrant blues and whites to highlight their HD Weave capabilities.

Contestants were evaluated by an expert panel with the winners granted the unique opportunity for their products to be tested and researched in three dedicated guestrooms at Hong Kong’s Hotel ICON for a period of six months.

Brintons Managing Director Don Coates commented that their success was built on staying one step ahead in both manufacturing and design innovation. Observing that their High Definition Weave technology allows Brintons to create one-of-a-kind flooring solutions, he added that their dedicated design teams around the world work with their clients to produce stunning designs.