Leader in the design and manufacture of woven carpets, Brintons Carpets , is proud to announce the appointment of Greg Zeegers as National Sales Manager - Australia, to complete the foundation of a core management team expected to lead the company’s growth in the APAC region.

“The appointment of Greg Zeegers completes our already-strong management team and will help provide the leadership, vision and sales focus we need to continue our growth in Australia and support our performance across the wider APAC region," says Xander Okhuizen, Director for the APAC region.

The strengthened leadership is aligned with the company’s global positioning, which follows the 2008 closure of its Geelong plant, and supports the region's new sales and marketing
focus, including a push for results driven sales activity and strong brand penetration for increased presence for Brintons Carpets in the APAC region.

Brintons Carpets experience, technical expertise and global capabilities in design and woven carpet manufacture cements their position as the in-demand and trusted partner for many high-end commercial projects around the world.

Brintons Carpets boasts fully owned and operated production facilities in the UK, Portugal and India, while a brand-new plant in China is due to come on stream later in 2010.

The company is enjoying a period of strong growth and the appointment of strong leadership reinforces Brintons Carpets' position as a leading international resource in the design and
manufacture of woven carpet.

Greg Zeegers joined Brintons Carpets in 1995 as Marketing Assistant and made the move to sales in 1997, relocating from Victoria to New South Wales to join the Sydney sales team to initially focus on the commercial side of the business working to specify Brintons woven axminster carpet.

Greg’s experience and success in both residential and commercial markets lead him to take the role of New South Wales State Manager in 2007. Greg continues to demonstrate
his sales prowess and, with his promotion to the role of National Sales Manager, will take on leadership responsibility for the Australian sales team across both residential and commercial markets.