Brilliant Lighting (Aust) presents bollard lighting fixtures and wall lights designed for ease of installation in any garden.

Brilliant Lighting’s garden lighting range includes the Jordan, Amedia, Otway and Olympus systems. While garden bollards are available as low voltage, wall lights require mains voltage. Both garden lighting fixtures offer efficiency and environment-friendly operation.

Brilliant Lighting design expert James Thompson explains garden lighting is simple to install and can dramatically change the appearance of any home or garden. Among their multiple applications, garden lights can be used to illuminate a walkway or light up the home at night; improve safety through better visibility at night; and increase security by acting as a deterrent to burglars.

Garden lighting systems should be selected to suit the style of the home. For example, the Brilliant Lighting Otway range would suit a minimalist modern home, while the energy-efficient Amedia suits both modern and traditional styles.

A DIY installation would also require the appropriate cable and transformer to be selected along with the lights. Before installation, one should walk around their garden at night and decide what features and trees should be illuminated. James Thompson also advises homeowners to always consider how garden lights could increase their safety along paths and driveways. 

According to James Thompson, the key to great garden lighting is to pick some features and leave gaps between lit areas. The contrast between light and darkness is a major feature of garden lighting design.

The growing range of LED solutions also provides new opportunities in garden lighting including the use of low energy globes to reduce need for larger expensive transformers, and also run the lighting design at much lower daily costs.

Timers and sunset switches can be used to ‘set and forget’ the garden lighting by switching on at dusk, and turning off at a predetermined time.