Brightgreen announces the release of their latest range of LED downlights designed to maximise flexibility in application.

The latest addition to the Melbourne-based premium LED company’s long-life, energy efficient lighting products range, the D900 SHX Curve LED downlight is a sleek surface-mounted light fitting featuring a minimalist design that provides excellent versatility. The unique dual axes adjustment allows users to flexibly alter their lighting design to suit interior updates and highlight changing design features over the years.

Key features of the new D900 SHX Curve LED downlights include 90° angle tilt and 355° body rotation enabling dual axes adjustment; first downlight of its kind featuring a constant friction hinge; compatibility with a range of leading Australian dimmers and centralised control systems; surface-mounting plate eliminating need for cut-outs or track fixtures; 3000K warm colour temperature; durable, pure aluminium body; superb efficacy of 55lms/W; 70,000-hour lifetime; and unbeatable 7-year warranty.

The Tru-Colour beam can be articulated with exceptional precision at any point in the fitting’s full range of motion. Tru-Colour technology delivers light quality that surpasses industry standards in colour rendering, washing interiors with gallery-grade illumination.

Brightgreen’s D900 SHX Curve LED downlights are ideal for ceilings made from concrete, marble and other hard-to-cut materials, with the easy-to-install surface mount requiring minimal ceiling cut-outs. The installation will also not leave any gaps in the insulation, providing customers the additional benefit of increasing the overall thermal efficiency of their home.