Melbourne’s latest design, business and innovation consultancy, Spring has officially opened its doors for business.

Spearheaded by Brightgreen founder and CEO David O’Driscoll, Spring specialises in empowering businesses by offering a 360° service that addresses all aspects of business practice from ideation through to legal registration, production and promotion. By helping clients turn good ideas into profitable business solutions, Spring hopes to demystify the consultancy process, creating bespoke project pathways that actively service the needs of each individual client.

Comprised of an international team of designers, engineers, strategists and business analysts, the Spring group has extensive experience working with clients to develop successful project solutions in everything from high-grade medical products to intellectual property legislation, and bespoke interiors to the latest fashion trends.

The diversity of the group’s skillset encourages lateral problem solving that addresses all issues and foresights to achieve viable, scalable and market appropriate project solutions.

Breaking away from the traditional consultancy model, Spring delivers a streamlined custom approach by enabling clients to tap into any area of expertise offered by the consultancy group. Spring’s business strategy is heavily influenced by O’Driscoll’s role in founding and running the LED lighting company Brightgreen with his hands-on involvement across all areas of design, business and innovation practice providing a service that solves problems efficiently and achieves goals effectively.

Spring offers a comprehensive range of services grouped into six categories: Research and analysis; Intellectual property; Design and engineering; Manufacture and production; Brand development; Digital and apps.