Brightgreen  introduces the first halogen replacement tracklight to its retrofit range.

Brightgreen TR700 LED tracklights feature an integrated universal track base that allows halogen tracklight users to switch to a premium energy efficient alternative with minimal effort and expertise.

Offering an operating power of 10.5W and brightness of 720 lumens, TR700 LED track lights have an efficacy of 69 lumens per watt, meaning that it matches the light output of a 50W halogen bulb using only 20% of the energy.

Brightgreen TR700 LED tracklights deliver several benefits including beam angle of 40° or 60° to suit spotlighting and general illumination applications, colour temperature of 3000K or 4000K to provide warm and neutral options, and a universal track base to ensure compatibility with existing tracklight systems.

The tracklight’s product lifetime of 70,000 hours is equivalent to 32 years with six hours of use a day. The TR700 also comes with a 3-year warranty.