The Light Up Kenya initiative launched last month by Melbourne LED lighting brand Brightgreen has received tremendous response from Kenyan families as well as Australian customers who participated in the effort.

Brightgreen’s Light Up Kenya initiative enables anyone buying an LED lighting product to donate a solar LED kit to a family without electricity in Kenya.

Brightgreen’s effort is an example of ‘conscious capitalism’, a term that is beginning to have an impact on the architecture and design sectors as more firms adopt business models focussed on doing good to do well. Builders, engineers, designers, architects and contractors are being given the opportunity to participate in humanitarian efforts simply by choosing to source from companies that support others.

Brightgreen CEO and Head of Design, David O’Driscoll describes the Light Up Kenya initiative as ‘the lighting choice that gives twice’, allowing customers to benefit from the cost and environmental benefits of LED lighting while also supporting development abroad. Customers tracking their solar kit get to see the truly amazing effect they have on the recipients' quality of life.

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