Brightgreen  offers innovative lighting systems with high light quality and brightness; aware of the importance of light to shape experiences and affect the ambience of any space.

Brightgreen Cube lights have been designed to project a square beam that aligns to the straight edges of a room and directs light only to where it is wanted. The straight angular light prevents light beams from overlapping as well as dark corners forming. Fewer lights are required to achieve the same lighting levels as circular downlights, offering energy saving benefits. 

The Brightgreen Curve is shaped more traditionally as a circular downlight. The Curve offers a soft, natural light that helps to generate a warm ambience suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Brightgreen’s lighting systems will be showcased in the company’s impressive light tunnel, awarded Best Stand at the 2011 DesignBUILD, HIA Home show and the Building and Home Improvement Expo.