Melbourne-based premium LED lighting company Brightgreen redefines wearable technology with the release of a stylish new range of appearance enhancing Tru-Colour LED headwear. Available in a range of styles and sizes to suit any occasion, each hat features an arrangement of the world’s smallest Tru-Colour LEDs pointed directly onto the wearer’s face.

Combining the latest in fashion with the most flattering light on the market, Brightgreen’s new Tru-Colour LED hats were developed based on feedback from customers who were so pleased with the way Tru-Colour LEDs complemented their appearance at home that they demanded a product, which allowed them to take Tru-Colour light with them.

Tru-Colour LEDs are tested to illuminate 14 key colours on the visible spectrum to make up white light, compared to the industry standard CRI (Colour Rendering Index) that only measures colour values of eight colours (R1-R8) as indicated on the chart.

By illuminating six extra colours (R9-R14), particularly the vibrant R9 red, Tru-Colour lights are scientifically proven to improve the appearance of skin tones and make interior colours look more vibrant and lifelike.Each hat comes with an easy-to-change long-life battery, which combined with the trademark quality and efficiency of Bright­green LEDs only need to be recharged once a week.

However, Brightgreen CEO David O’Driscoll explains that the Tru-Colour headwear range does not indicate any intention to transition fully into the wearable LED market. The LED hats were developed based on market demand but Brightgreen continues to be committed to improving architectural environments with superior lighting.

Brightgreen’s limited release of the new LED headwear has received tremendous response within the fashion industry. The company is in talks with some major retailers at the moment, and hopes to expand the range even further in the next few months.