Design, quality, fabrication and thermal efficiency were just some of the reasons listed by Mark Austin and Andrew Maynard from Austin Maynard Architects about their selection of Brightgreen LEDs during the recent revamp of the sustainable beach shack – the Dorman House.

Design challenges are normal in any remodel or extension project. However, solutions can easily lead to an escalation in cost and complexity. Not surprisingly, many people in a similar situation would rather demolish the existing shack and start over. It’s an economic decision that many shack owners make at the expense of local and family heritage. 

The Dorman House owners wanted to add a clear and elevated view of the ocean without demolishing, damaging or dominating the shack. The architects had a similar thought process, refusing to sacrifice the Great Ocean Road shack for yet another beachside McMansion.

Brightgreen LED lights were specified for the shack because they were the best choice. Besides the design, quality and fabrication, the architects loved the fact that they were locally designed. Careful not to over-illuminate the space or have the fittings work against the timber cladding and the framing portals, the architects planned a lighting configuration that would suit the activity of the room; the lighting design objectives were achieved by choosing the right lights for the project.

The D900 SHX Curve used in the Dorman House is surface-mounted to increase home thermal efficiency. The architects have also incorporated several features to make the home more energy efficient including creating a design that would maintain the stunning views without compromising performance. Most of the glass windows face North and are double glazed with thermally separated frames. A hood above the northern windows shields the sun in the summer but allows for optimal passive solar gain in winter. 

The remodel not only actively manages the shade and passive ventilation, but has also reduced the demands on mechanical heating and cooling. The old timber decking was recycled and used internally for the remodel.

Some of the architects’ favourite design details include the silver-top, ash-lined kitchen and dining space, the Oblica hanging fireplace and the blurred distinctions between indoors and outdoors in the downstairs area.