Leading Australian LED lighting company Brightgreen presents the D900 Cube v2, the next generation of square beam lighting. Brightgreen had released its first square beam LED downlights in 2011.

Incorporating Brightgreen’s signature Tru-Colour 95CRI, the D900 Cube v2 LED downlights feature a square beam that makes lighting square-edged spaces seamless and more efficient.

Enhanced optics gives the D900 Cube v2 a softer-edged beam for smoother light transitions while lower dimming gives even more versatility. Designed to also fit existing 92mm circular cut-outs, the D900 Cube v2 features a spring-clip mechanism for easier insertion and removal.

The 942-lumen brightness of the D900 Cube v2 LED downlight outperforms the equivalent halogen bulb using only a fraction of the energy; operating at 16 watts, the D900 Cube v2 gives an average of 59 lumens per watt.

The D900 Cube v2 LED downlights have a product lifetime of 70,000 hours.