Brightgreen announces the release of the new T900 H Curve, designed to provide gallery-grade illumination in a minimalist tracklight design.

The new T900 H Curve is the latest addition to the popular range of track and surface-mounted downlights from the Melbourne-based premium LED lighting company Brightgreen. The new T900 H Curve provides tracklight versatility in a sleek, contemporary fitting.

Continuing with the flexibility available in recent Brightgreen releases, the T900 H Curve tracklight also features a 90-degree angle adjustment and 355-degree body rotation. A constant friction hinge allows for light to be articulated at any point in its full range of motion, eliminating the need for intricate screws and bolts in standard tracklights, and enabling users to reorient their lights with safety and precision.

Key features of Brightgreen’s T900 H Curve LED downlights include pure aluminium construction; up to 70,000 hours of market-leading Tru-Colour illumination that also brings interior colours and skin tones to life; perfect for both new builds and retrofits; and an integrated universal H-Track base for simple push and twist installation, providing the additional benefit of increased thermal efficiency.

The T900 H Curve is also compatible with leading Australian dimmers and centralised control systems; delivers brilliant efficacy of 55lms/W; and offers a 45° beam angle.

Brightgreen’s T900 H Curve comes with a 7-year warranty.