Brightgreen has introduced LED downlight bulbs that can be used to replace halogen downlights without electricians converting electronic transformers.  

After three years of local R&D, Brightgreen have developed the DR700; an LED replacement bulb that is as bright as a halogen and compatible with all existing transformers.  

These new LED downlight bulbs match halogen lights on brightness, yet are 5 times more efficient. They have a 0-100% dimming range and 100% transformer compatibility. The LED lights are also supplied with a 3 year warranty.  

At 720.9 lumens and only 10.5 watts, DR700 LED downlight bulbs require only a quarter of the power of halogen, without compromising on light output or brightness. DR700 bulbs are long lasting (thirty years) and dimmable, working with normal leading and trailing edge dimmers as well as home automated systems.  

The DR700 was developed in Australia and built specifically for Australian conditions. The light is UV free and includes a temperature monitoring system, preventing the risk of fire.   Adopting LED downlights in commercial and residential settings will have the flow on effects of reduced energy consumption, reduced toxicity production and significantly reduced consumption cycles of light bulbs. All core objectives for Brightgreen.  

David O’Driscoll, Brightgreen CEO, said, “We wanted to offer the market something that was bright enough but also made tough, for Australian building and climate conditions.”  

The DR700 was launched at this year’s DesignEX in April, where Brightgreen was awarded Best Product for it’s D900 LED downlight last year.

DR700 LED downlight bulbs will be available in June 2011.