Brightgreen has successfully raised over $60,000 to crowd-fund Luto, its low-energy screen-mounted smartlight that reduces eye strain and fatigue when using monitors.

The Melbourne-based premium LED lighting company achieved the funding goal for its Kickstarter project on 24 December with the $89.00 early bird standard product reward proving most popular. Significant interest from firms looking to integrate Luto throughout their workplace led to the late introduction of a pledge that rewarded contributors with a company-wide program, boosting the project’s funding in its final days to finish on $61,490 AUD, and achieving 102% of its target. 

Pledges were made from locations as far as Singapore, Toronto, California, New York, Rome, Dublin, Mumbai, Bangkok and Barcelona, highlighting the smartlight’s global appeal. 

Brightgreen CEO David O’Driscoll explained that the smartlight project was initiated to address the problems affecting the Brightgreen team on a daily basis since they spent considerable time at their monitor screens. 

Having realised that the right lighting for the task in hand could really improve productivity and user experience, the Brightgreen team released Luto on the crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter to find out if other people had similar concerns. The project received overwhelming feedback, especially from organisations with occupational health and safety concerns. 

Luto is the first product developed by Brightgreen’s in-house think-tank, the Brightgreen Ideahub. Its launch coincides with the expansion of Kickstarter into the Australian market.