Melbourne-based LED designer Brightgreen has announced that it has extended the warranties on all lights in its Cube and Curve series from five to seven years.

The company states that customers will now enjoy even more peace of mind when purchasing products in the ranges, including the multi award-winning D900 Curve and the D900 Cube, described as the world’s first square LED downlight with a square beam.

Brightgreen CEO and Head Product Designer, David O'Driscoll, explains that the company is so confident in the quality of its lights that it is backing them up with warranty periods unrivalled by the company's competitors.

This confidence is underpinned by an impressive track record. Brightgreen recently celebrated sales of 150,000 for its D900 Curve without a single luminaire failure.

The company states that the D900 Curve was the world's first LED downlight to match the brightness of a premium 50W halogen, while needing only a third of the power and lasting fifteen times longer. Its release opened up international markets to Brightgreen, which is now exporting to Germany and South Africa.