Brightgreen introduces five new surface-mounted LED luminaires to its Tru-Colour range.

Featuring a minimalist design, the five new LED interior lights are part of Brightgreen’s Surface Series and include petite, surface, flexi, track and pendant fittings.

The Surface Series from the Melbourne-based premium LED company, Brightgreen gives designers the creative freedom to mix-and-match the light fittings introducing harmony and continuity throughout interiors; the lights can also be used as standalone accents.

Brightgreen’s Surface Series LED luminaires deliver several benefits to interior designers. The Surface Series lights can be mixed and matched to suit the unique lighting needs of different spaces in the home, while ensuring consistency in light quality and style.

In addition to meeting lighting design expectations, the Surface Series also enhances energy efficiency in the home environment. Since the surface mount lights can be installed without cut-outs or gaps in insulation, the low-energy fittings offer the additional benefit of increasing overall thermal efficiency.

Brightgreen’s Tru-Colour technology uses an advanced colour rendering metric to measure the light’s ability to illuminate more colours on the visible spectrum, bringing out the best in skin tones and interior colours. The Surface Series also works with leading Australian dimmers and centralised control systems, optimising compatibility.

Each Surface Series light fitting comes with a simple mounting plate for fast and easy installation. Featuring a tough aluminium body and backed by an unbeatable 7-year warranty, Surface Series LED lights are designed to last for up to 70,000 hours or approximately 30 years on average daily use.